Camomile Infusion x 25

  • Ringtons Camomile Infusion
  • 25 Individually wrapped tea bags
  • Delicate & Calming Infusion
  • Soothing blend
  • Naturally caffeine free
Ringtons Camomile Infusionis a delicate and calming herbal to help relax and restore. Naturally caffeine free our camomile tea is soothing and contains less than 4 calories per cup. Each tea bag is individually wrapped for freshness.
Storage instructions
Always sore in a cool, dry place away from sunlight
Preparation - Freshly drawn water (which has not been over-boiled) will bring out the finest flavours of our blends. Just boiled water is the ideal temperature for our Camomile Infusion.
Brewing - All blends need time to properly infuse, releasing their true flavours. Camomile is best brewed for 2-3 mins.
Serving suggestion - serve without milk.
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