The Tea, where it comes from and why it's so great...

A top quality tea can generally only be made if the leaf going to the factory is mostly composed of the top two leaves and bud. In order to produce a quality tea the environment is key.

Unlike some traditional teas, Kenyan teas are produced in ways that make them perfect for teabags - fast infusing and full of flavour. Tea grown east of the Rift Valley is widely considered to be some of the best quality tea in the world, that's why our Gold blend is sourced exclusively from this region. We specially seal these teas on the estates to ensure they are as fresh and flavourful as possible, producing a fuller, smoother taste. It's what Ringtons are good at.

What makes East of the Rift so perfect:

• The climate and relatively steady rainfall allows tea to be grown all year round.

• It lies on the equator which means it gets a lot of sunshine which is important for producing top quality tea.

• The soil is volcanic which also helps the Camellia Sinensis.The best estates used in the Gold blend are generally at a high altitude of around 2,000m.