Ethical Trade

At Ringtons we are, and always have been committed to sourcing our teas in an ethical and sustainable way. Over the years we have developed good, strong relationships with a core group of tea producers, mainly in India and Africa.

We regularly visit our suppliers so we can get to know them better and more fully understand the challenges they face. Visits like this help our suppliers better understand our quality and ethical requirements.

Selecting the best teas for use in our blends is incredibly important to us. Our suppliers recognise this and work with us to achieve this and good ethical practices at every stage of our supply chains.

Ringtons are proud to run and participate in development projects with key suppliers and have recently launched a new Tea Growing Community Charitable Trust.

As our business has expanded over the years, our supply base has also grown - we now buy from over 200 tea estates and small holder organisations - but our ethical principles have remained.

We're active members of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) and are committed to only buy from tea estates and produer groups that are participating in the ETP programme. ETP monitors social and environmental conditions on tea estates in all major tea producing regions.