Traditional Tea Bags x 100

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  • Ringtons Traditional Tea Bags
  • 2 x 50 Tea Bags (312.5g/11.0oz)
  • Unique, refreshing & lasting Flavour

Our Traditional Blend contains some of the best teas produced from around the world, selected predominantly from our long standing relationships with family businesses in East Africa and India. Our expert tea blenders taste and choose each individual tea that goes into the blend, ensuring you always recieve that unique, refreshing and lasting flavour that makes Ringtons Traditional one of our most popular blends.

Flavour locked for Freshness


100% Black Tea



Storage Instructions - Once opened store within an airtight container

Preparation - Use one tea bag per cup for the perfect cup of tea. Freshly drawn water (which has not been over-boiled) will bring out the finest flavours of our teas. Just boiled water is the ideal temperature for our Traditional tea bags.

Brewing - All teas need time to properly infuse, releasing their true flavours. Ringtons tea bags are best brewed for 3-5 mins but no longer.

Serving suggestion - Can be served black or with milk.

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