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For over 110 years we've been travelling the world selecting the finest tea leaves and perfecting our quality process to ensure we bring you the very best cup of tea.
Our premium tea has now landed in New Zealand and we cannot wait to share it with tea lovers alike.


  • We used to drink Bell tea and were never happy with it. It wasn't strong enough and lacked colour and flavour. After going on the rail cars in Awakeri and being offered a cup of tea (Ringtons) along the way, we were hooked. We love the flavour and continue to buy it when we run out.
  • I LOVE your product. I love the strong flavour of the tea.
  • Love your tea as I had this tea from being a little girl. The strength is so good and the flavour. Price is very competitive and value for money.
  • Only drink Ringtons tea and love it
  • I loved the flavour of the Ringtons tea my relatives drank in Sunderland when I was there, and they gave me a pack of Ringtons to bring back with me. I later found out from a Ringtons drinker here that I could buy it online and have done so since then.

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For over 100 years we've been travelling the world to select the finest tea leaves to ensure we bring you the very best cup of tea.